Charlie's 1st Haircut

Totally first-mommed the life out of this first haircut. Made PJ come, brought my big camera, and just soaked in every little moment of this monumental day. His first hair cut. He did so good, PJ held him and he only got a little bit squirmy (so only one jagged line).

Having this little boy in our life is such a blessing. So much joy can be found in those every day moments like hair cuts. 


Cover Blemishes & Breakouts with Maskcara Foundation

Cover Blemishes & Breakouts with Maskcara Foundation

To cover blemishes with Maskcara IIID foundation, all you need is the Highlight you already use and the Vanilla Dust Setting Powder. Use the multi-tasker brush or the highlight side of the 30 second HAC brush and dab the highlight right over any blemishes. Do no blend. Take your powder brush, tap it in the vanilla dust, and tap over the blemish. That’s it. Now you’re ready to go over all the areas again with your highlight.

Profitable & SIMPLIFIED Content - Free content Planner Download

Profitable & SIMPLIFIED Content - Free content Planner Download

This content planner takes you through finding 5-10 parts of your brand that you share on Instagram. It walks you through finding your ideal client, and knowing which email list is for them.

Then it breaks down your post schedule. Mine is a brand email every other Tuesday, and a learner email every other Wednesday, Instagram everyday and Maskcara Monday. 

And my favorite, FAVORITE part is the blog & month planner pages. 

The blog page breaks down your blog idea, how it serves, who it serves, what email list it will be sent to, if it has been pinned and scheduled. I'm including mine which are completely filled out so you can get an idea of how this really will work for your business.

How to Contour, Cheekbone-lift instead of Creating a Beard

How to Contour, Cheekbone-lift instead of Creating a Beard

Alrighty, contour is tricky. People say make the fish face and fill in the area that indents… well that’s not necessarily right. Finding the hollow of your cheek will help you find your cheekbone, but you do not want to fill in that whole area. As you can see in that video you aren’t creating a shadow, more of a beard. You want to put the contour on the lower part of your cheekbone, the blush on the ball of the cheekbone, and the illuminator on the top of the cheekbone. Watch the video to understand the common mistakes and how to give that cheekbone a little lift.

Candida Overgrowth = Candida Diet = MOST DEPRESSING DIET EVER

Candida Overgrowth = Candida Diet = MOST DEPRESSING DIET EVER

Candida overgrowth can cause SO many things including hormone imbalance. So I can keep putting bandaids on, treating anxiety, infertility treatments, treating acne, ibuprofen for migraines. But candida may be the root of it all. So here's to three months trying my best to be sugar free (and more) and more supplements than a grandpa.

Charlie's Puppy-Themed First Birthday Party

Charlie's Puppy-Themed First Birthday Party

He is one of the happiest kids I have ever known, he has the sweetest scrunch-up-your-whole-face kind of smiles. He can say mama, dada, more and more milk. He's still going strong breastfeeding, and waking in the night. He scoots like a chimp... and still won't crawl. He has six teeth. Three on top, three on bottom. 

His favorite thing in the world are his mom and dad, other kids and puppies. Which brings us right into the puppy party. I had way too much fun. 

Baby Chiropractor | Charlie Went from MAJOR Constipation to SUPER Regular with Two Visit

Baby Chiropractor | Charlie Went from MAJOR Constipation to SUPER Regular with Two Visit

Chiropractors are amazing for injuries, diseases... but also overall wellness. Picture sleeping for nine months in a little dog kennel and then coming out the doggy door.... babies are crammed in then have quite the time coming on out too... it's something that all babies could benefit from. All humans, all kids.

Using Stock Photos for Your Art + Free Download

Learn how to use stock photos for free + free download

My website was SO inconsistent for SO long. The coloring was off from picture to picture and it just didn't look professional. I started using stock photos. You can buy stock photos online and then just put your artwork over the white part in the frame or on the canvas. 

Sometimes the white is a little bit off white or tinted... so you just need to adjust the print to make it work in photoshop. In my video below, I walk you through how to use my stock photos...

and know the the white in all of my stock photos is either 100% white or down -5 on the lightness panel (I walk you through this). 

Get your ONE FREE STOCK PHOTO HERE by subscribing.

Also get access to my entire freebie gallery.

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Ordinary is Beautiful / A Day In the Life June

I love love traveling. I love sandy beaches, call me crazy, I even love the long flights. I get so excited for traveling. I love things like Disneyland, water parks, days out of town. I love adventures and broadway shows. I love pickleville playhouse, ranger rides up the mountain, scooter gangs. I love the extraordinary.

I also love ordinary. I love the day to day. I love the Monday morning gym life, grocery shopping online, wellness checks for Charlie. 

Life doesn't have to be anything out of the ordinary to be beautiful.

I have always always wanted to be a mom. Snotty shirt, dark circles, frizzy mane and all. I love motherhood and the everyday simple joys that can be found in the love between a mom and her child. 

I know motherhood can be a little less than glamorous, but I just want to look back and remember how beautiful those simple little moments were. I want to look back and know that I found joy in the ordinary. So here's my new project, a short one minute monthly video of the day to day. The things we don't post about or look back on as often as our trips and adventures. 

Follow along #pmmonthlyvideo