Baby Chiropractor | Charlie Went from MAJOR Constipation to SUPER Regular with Two Visit

Chiropractors are amazing for injuries, diseases... but also overall wellness. Picture sleeping for nine months in a little dog kennel and then coming out the doggy door.... babies are crammed in then have quite the time coming on out too... it's something that all babies could benefit from. All humans, all kids.

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Second Shooter for Kylee Ann Studios

A few weeks ago my sisters second shooter told her she wasn't going to make it to the reception... day of. She let me know she was stressed cuz she's gonna be tired and needed help, the different angles etc. I, the non-photographer, volunteered.

I shot on her camera because it was a full frame... and way better than my beginning level consumer camera. Though my beginning level consumer level camera (Nikon D3200, with a 35mm lens works SO well for my needs and my skill level).

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