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Lauren Pace



associate artist

chelsey hansen of LACY LLAMA CRAFTs

Chelsea does all of our custom portraits now! And we love her so much. She's absolutely amazing at it. 

I am a Disney loving, cheese eating, dog hugging, water coloring type of gal.  As a married new mom I have found my true passions.
First taking care of my darling little girl, and being a wife to my hottie of a husband. Nothing is more important to me than this.
Second I love animals. Fur, feathers, and scales I'll take it all. I have to physically restrain myself not to ask to pet everyone's dogs. I aspired to be a vet for most my life, started my animal science degree, did three different internships, but geriatrics found its way to me and I fell in love!
Which brings me to working with the older generation. I have worked at many nursing homes in a variety of jobs and love every moment! They see life in a whole different, soul searching type of way. I currently work part time at one, and have my Rec Therapy license.   
And lastly I love to create art! My father is my biggest inspiration. He often doodled, painted, and sketched. It was magic to me. I followed his footsteps and began doodling over everything. I am baffled I even passed school. Since I am too tall to be a Disney princess at Disney Land, I dreamed of the next best thing... drawing for Disney. I truly believed I would do it. 
After I got married many of my friends did so to. I was too poor to pay for gifts and I began sketching out, and painting custom watercolors. It was the first time picking up a brush since my painting class in high school. Slowly but surely my style has gotten a bit better and my business has grown. I am so grateful for everyone and everything that has got me here. 
I am so excited to work with Pace Made! I have admired her work for a long time! She is so talented and I am thrilled to be on her team!