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I create products and design for my own company, Pace Made Designs. I teach watercolor, calligraphy and Adobe photoshop & illustrator classes.

 I think one thing that's hard for an artist in this world, is keeping originality and not copying. In effort to promote a community of artists, rather than a competition, I have started featuring the work of talented artists on my website.

To get more information or apply to be a featured artist please email pacemadedesigns@gmail.com with samples of your work.


allison + bradley singer

allison bradley prints

Pace Made Designs Featured Artist

We are Allison and Bradley Singer and together we make Allison Bradley Prints.
With a lifelong love of design and creation Allison started designing her own projects in 2013.  She loves design, typography, painting, hand crafting, and being surrounded by family. hile Allison designs and makes prints, Brad handles the business and marketing aspects of the business.llison is currently enrolled at Utah State finishing her Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design.  Brad graduated from Utah State with a Business degree in 2012.
ollow us on instagram @allisonbradleyprints for updates on new prints added to the show and fun ideas to display your print.

chelsey hansen


Pace Made Designs Associate Portrait Artists + Featured Artist

I am a Disney loving, cheese eating, dog hugging, water coloring type of gal.  As a married new mom I have found my true passions.
First taking care of my darling little girl, and being a wife to my hottie of a husband. Nothing is more important to me than this.
Second I love animals. Fur, feathers, and scales I'll take it all. I have to physically restrain myself not to ask to pet everyone's dogs. I aspired to be a vet for most my life, started my animal science degree, did three different internships, but geriatrics found its way to me and I fell in love!
Which brings me to working with the older generation. I have worked at many nursing homes in a variety of jobs and love every moment! They see life in a whole different, soul searching type of way. I currently work part time at one, and have my Rec Therapy license.   
And lastly I love to create art! My father is my biggest inspiration. He often doodled, painted, and sketched. It was magic to me. I followed his footsteps and began doodling over everything. I am baffled I even passed school. Since I am too tall to be a Disney princess at Disney Land, I dreamed of the next best thing... drawing for Disney. I truly believed I would do it. 
After I got married many of my friends did so to. I was too poor to pay for gifts and I began sketching out, and painting custom watercolors. It was the first time picking up a brush since my painting class in high school. Slowly but surely my style has gotten a bit better and my business has grown. I am so grateful for everyone and everything that has got me here. 
I am so excited to work with Pace Made! I have admired her work for a long time! She is so talented and I am thrilled to be on her team!


the water & ink studio

Pace Made Designs Featured Artist

My name is Leanna Chadburn with The Water and Ink Studio! I started The Water and Ink Studio to use as a creative outlet while my newborn son slept, haha! But now I see my little shop as a dream coming true. Ever since a young age, I wanted to be an artist, and now to see that as becoming a reality is so special for me. I mainly work with watercolor and ink (hence my shop name), but I love using all types of mediums to create as well.
I have a bit of an obsession with Disney, pastels, hand lettering, and flowers which you will see come out in my work. I believe in following your dreams, gummy bears or chocolate are always an acceptable snack at any point of day, and family is the greatest gift we could every receive. Art is my passion & I'm happy and excited to share it with you!
One of my favorite art pieces I've created, is my white poppy. It was my first time trying to paint a white flower, and It helped me realize I can do anything I put my mind to as long as I believe in myself.

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